Adapter Certification

We have a variety of partners across the ad tech community who support the Header Tag Wrapper. Our partners fall into two categories:

  • Bidders: an ad exchange or demand partner who contributes bids
  • Non-Bidders: a partner who contributes another resource (e.g. analytics, identity, etc.)

Together, these partners create an ecosystem of resources available to our clients. Our ecosystem is rapidly growing and we welcome new partners from either category. Joining our ecosystem is a great way to access more inventory: all publisher clients can choose to add you (and all other partners in our ecosystem) as a bidder in their Wrapper.

Become a Partner

We believe that bidders should have the opportunity to compete equally and in real-time for publisher inventory. Our product makes this happen.

The Header Tag Wrapper simultaneously calls all demand partners for bids. It connects you with our client’s inventory and allows you to compete equally: with other demand partners, and with publisher ad servers. All clients who use the Header Tag Wrapper can choose to add you into their configuration. Joining our ecosystem is a way to access more inventory.

Our non-bidding partners connect bidders and publishers with crucial information (such as data, targeting, analytics, identity, and more) so they can make informed decisions on the value of each impression.

When more bidders compete fairly and in real-time, everyone benefits.

To learn more about how to partner with us, see Become a Certified Adapter.