Campaign Blocks

Use the Campaign Settings screen in the IX app to customize the type of ads served to your users. If there’s specific creative you don’t want to serve on your site, you can block it here.

Using campaign blocks limits the demand available for your site. We recommend using the blocks sparingly, and only on the demand you’re certain that you want to block. Review the definitions below before placing a block to confirm you’re only blocking the creative you intend to.

Use the following six dimensions to apply campaign blocks:

Exchange-Wide Blocks

There are some advertisements not included under Campaign Blocking Options, but are blocked exchange-wide. You don’t have to worry about blocking these manually; the following ads are banned on Index Exchange (IX) and will never be served to your users:

  • Auto-expandable;
  • Simulate a site and/or system warnings;
  • Simulate OS warnings and/or a dialogue box;
  • Contain malicious activity and/or direct the user to a malicious landing page;
  • Auto-downloads a file;
  • Automatically launches a landing page and/or a mobile redirect;
  • Deceptive content;
  • Offensive content (i.e. sexist content, defamatory content, pornography, nudity, animal cruelty, racist content, graphic content, swearing, hate speech, harassment);
  • Illegal products and/or services;
  • Fake news (or other advertorial that does not clearly indicate it’s an advertisement and/or sponsored).

In addition to the content listed above, IX will also automatically block DSP bid responses that exceed 128kb in size.