Traffic Filter

Traffic Filter, Index Exchange (IX)'s traffic shaping solution, helps optimize inventory sent to DSPs by dynamically reducing supply based on historical buying behaviour and performance. With Traffic Filter, IX aims to provide the most suitable and best performing traffic for buyers, while respecting the total QPS configurations of each DSP.

How It Works

Traffic Filter analyzes performance of supply sent to DSPs based on historical win rates, bid rates, and total impressions. IX then sets thresholds to filter the traffic. We evaluate each impression against our available criteria to determine if the impression is qualified to be included in the traffic sent to the DSP.

For example, if IX has 100 impressions available, but the DSP is configured to only receive 50 impressions (based on total QPS limit), we can use Traffic Filter to dynamically filter and send only the best performing traffic from our pool of impressions. Using Traffic Filter helps DSPs to focus on inventory their buyers are more likely to engage with, without exceeding their QPS limits.