IX Library

What Is the IX Library?

IX Library™ is a collection of client-side ad tech solutions that Index Exchange (IX) offers for publishers. We developed the IX Library framework to support a wide range of publisher use cases. If you’re a publisher who wants to implement one of our header bidding solutions on your page, enrich bid requests with people or common identifiers, or customize our header bidding solution to fit your own needs, we have a library type for you.

What Is Header Bidding?

To understand what the IX Library offers, it’s important to understand the concept of header bidding.

Header bidding is a tactic publishers use to monetize their site through bid based programmatic advertising. It's designed for publishers who are already using an ad server, or are technically savvy, and allows them to call additional demand sources for bids (and often other information, such as Real Time Identity data) before calling their ad server, or selecting the winning bid and rendering the ad. Each additional demand source returns a bid—that is, a specific advertisement they want to show to that particular user and a price they're willing to pay for the publisher to show their ad. All bids are passed into the ad server, or to the publisher’s own decisioning solution, where a winner is selected.

Header bidding is a revolutionary step beyond the old tag based waterfall setup, and is still evolving rapidly as more insights and optimization are added into the mix.

What Is the IX Library?

The IX Library is a framework that’s comprised of three library types. Publishers can select the library types that best suit their needs.

The three library types are:

  • IX Identity Library™ is a lightweight framework that offers our certified RTI adapters to publishers who are using a header bidding solution not offered by IX (and therefore don’t already have access to our RTI benefits).
  • IX Custom Library™ is a versatile, highly customizable header bidding solution. It works with any use case, and allows publishers to integrate both certified bidding and RTI adapters into their own on-page advertising code. This library type has three modules: Manual, Universal, and Postbid.
  • IX Wrapper Library™ is our most popular solution. It requires minimal integration efforts and unlocks access to the IX Library Ecosystem, including all certified bidding and RTI adapters.

The IX Library offers empowerment over header bidding. We’re an independent company by choice and we believe in a fair, transparent header bidding product. Our libraries are available to publishers at no cost, we’ll never charge hidden fees, and we publish the library source code on a quarterly basis for you to review at any time.

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