IX Wrapper Library

IX Wrapper Library™ is our most popular product offering. It's our header bidding solution with the easiest integration route and is designed for publishers who use the Google Ad Manager (GAM) ad server.

The IX Wrapper Library may be best-suited for you if:

  • You use GAM and want an easy solution to integrate header bidding demand onto your site.
  • You want the IX Library™ to handle which ads are displayed on your pages, set targeting, and manage timing of the GAM ad call.
  • You prefer the easiest technical setup.

IX Wrapper Library Workflow

When the IX Wrapper Library is implemented on your page, the following workflow occurs:

  1. The IX Wrapper Library calls all certified adapters you've chosen to include. Bidding adapters conduct auctions and return demand.
  2. Bidding adapters deliver the demand they retrieved, through IX Wrapper Library, to GAM.
  3. GAM completes a final auction and selects a winning line item. If the line item corresponds to a certified adapter, the IX Wrapper Library communicates with the creative and injects the appropriate ad into the correct slot on the publisher's site.