What Is Identity?

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The term "Identity" can refer to a variety of features, functions, and policies within the digital advertising ecosystem. At Index Exchange (IX), Identity refers to a solution that either:


  • Unlocks real-time, people-based advertising for the trusted web, or
  • Consolidates legacy cookie-based identifiers

Why Is Identity Important?

Unlock People-based Advertising for the Trusted Web

IX allows buyers to personalize the ad experience for specific audiences using people-based identifiers through the open market or deal IDs, regardless of environment. Until recently, people-based advertising has only been available on closed platforms. We're working with other Identity partners in ad tech to enable people-based identifiers on the trusted web, thereby allowing buyers greater scale for their key audiences and shifting budgets from closed platforms to IX publishers.

Consolidate Cookie-based Identifiers

Historically, programmatic companies across the ad tech industry used their own unique cookies to identify users. Depending on the devices they use or the sites they visit, each user can accumulate hundreds of different cookie-based identifiers. Too many cookies lead to increased page load times and fragmented data.

Through common identifiers—cookie-based identifiers that can be used by many platforms—IX can improve page load times, enrich buyer opportunities, and increase publisher bid density across inventory.

What Are the Benefits of Identity?

For Publishers

Publishers will see higher bid value across more inventory and environments as buyers adopt people-based advertising and shift their budgets from closed platforms to the trusted web. As DSPs begin to leverage common identifiers like the Unified ID, publishers will see increased bid density via a higher DSP participation rate.

For DSPs

Adopting an Identity solution will increase DSPs' match rates and dramatically increase the number of known users to bid against. DSPs who partner with LiveRamp can run real-time, people-based audience campaigns in open market inventory.

For Buyers

Buyers can create and transact on audience segments across premium publishers via Merkle or Matched Audiences™. Buyers will see improved performance as more of their deals are powered by persistent ID technology, and greater scale as more of a publisher's supply is eligible for deals.

For Users

Visitors to publishers that adopt an Identity solution can expect faster pages over time. By using common identifiers, publishers will have less network calls on page, making pages smaller and faster to load. Publisher content will also contain more relevant and personalized ads for visitors.

How Can I Leverage Identity?

To learn more, see the following links for our current Identity offerings:

For the details of our latest Identity releases, see our release notes.