The LiveRamp IdentityLink (IDL) is a hashed, people-based identifier that is used for targeting individuals across devices and environments. IdentityLinks are created using people-specific identifiers such as an email address, but are then heavily encrypted and frequently rotated to prevent any inadvertent or accidental exposure of personal data. To help you take advantage of the benefits of the LiveRamp IDL, Index Exchange (IX) is offering a LiveRamp Real Time Identity (RTI) adapter for our IX Library. Through the IX Library, the LiveRamp RTI adapter fetches the LiveRamp IDL, which helps publishers and buyers unlock real-time, people-based buying on the trusted web.

Why Did We Build This?

Many buyers prefer to target specific people and audiences instead of cookie-based identifiers. Buyers are familiar with targeting these types of audiences but, historically, buyers have only been able to run these people-based campaigns on walled-garden style platforms. The LiveRamp IDL via the IX Library unlocks the ability to target people-based audiences for the real-time, trusted web.

People-based identifiers, such as the LiveRamp IDL, promote "custom audience"-style buying, where buyers have lists of users they want to target. But in the past this has been difficult to achieve due to a lack of scale (enough publisher supply eligible to run these campaigns). The LiveRamp Real Time Identity adapter solves this scale challenge, and reduces reliance on brittle, cookie-based match tables, where spend is limited to users whom both IX and a DSP have matched on. People-based identifiers, such as the IDL, degrade much slower than cookie-based solutions because the IDL is not affected as frequently by cookie deletion and applies across all devices.

What Are the Benefits of LiveRamp IdentityLink?

For Publishers

For publishers, the primary benefit of the LiveRamp IDL is an increase in bid value, due to publishers’ inclusion of the LiveRamp IDL in real-time, bid request traffic. This allows DSPs to provide a comprehensive, people-based offering to their customers, and increase their bid activity accordingly.

For DSPs

DSPs will see several benefits by adopting the LiveRamp IDL. It will allow DSPs who partner with LiveRamp the ability to run real-time, matched people-based audiences to their end clients. DSP customers can bring customer lists from their CRM platforms, and target these people and audiences in real time. Further, DSPs can increase match rates by leveraging an additional identifier, such as the LiveRamp IDL. Finally, matches based on an IdentityLink decay slower than traditional cookie-based identifiers, and therefore require less network calls to maintain an operational match.

For IX Library Partners

All bidding adapters in the IX Library can leverage the encrypted envelope values of the LiveRamp IDL by updating their adapter code. Updated adapters will be tested and launched as per the standard certification process. Once updated, the benefits of LiveRamp's IdentityLink will be magnified across participating bidders in the IX Library.

Note: IX Library Partners will need to support LiveRamp's high-speed Sidecar application for IDL decryption in their ad server in order to translate the encrypted envelope into a usable IdentityLink for DSPs and buyers.

For Agencies and Marketers

Agencies and marketers will be able to target traditional customer lists exported from CRM databases, allowing them the flexibility to plan and run "custom audience"-style campaigns and budgets on publisher inventory outside walled gardens such as Facebook and Google.

For Users

By leveraging the LiveRamp RTI functionality, visitors to supported publishers can expect faster pages over time due to fewer advertising network calls and a reduced page size.

How Can I Leverage LiveRamp?

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