RTI Providers

A Real Time Identity (RTI) provider is a company that provides solutions that can be used in Real Time Identity. Solutions include identity graphs and common identifiers.

Identity Graphs

An identity graph is an online database that contains all the known identifiers that correlate with individual customers. When a consumer views content online, many personal identifiers can be associated with an individual—email addresses, cell phone numbers, device IDs, usernames, other IDs, and an ever-changing array of cookies picked up in browsers.

The identity graph collects these identifiers and connects them to the consumer’s profile and any related data points, including behavioral data like browsing activity or purchase history. An identity graph makes it easier for marketers to get the right advertisements to the right audience. And an identity graph helps publishers learn more about their most valued customers.

Index Exchange (IX) currently has access to identity graphs with the following RTI providers:

Common Identifiers

Common identifiers are cookie-based identifiers that can be used by many platforms across the digital ecosystem. Historically, programmatic companies used their own unique cookies to identify users. This led to each user accumulating hundreds of different cookie-based identifiers, which led to increased page load times and fragmented data.

A common identifier, such as the Unified ID, can improve page load times, enrich buyer opportunities, and increase publisher bid density across inventory. IX is offering a Unified ID Real Time Identity (RTI) adapter for our IX Library™.

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