Unified ID

Unified ID (formerly known as adsrvr.org) is a free, cookie-based identifier for ad tech providers. Index Exchange (IX) is offering a Unified ID Real Time Identity (RTI) adapter for our IX Library™. This adapter calls the Unified ID and returns an identifier to the IX Library, which will be passed down to Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).

Why Did We Build This?

By including additional IDs in the bid request, DSPs are able to maintain a higher match rate with ad tech platforms. Higher match rates allow DSPs to see more users to bid on, which is often referred to as an addressable audience. By increasing the addressable audience that a DSP can see on a publisher, DSPs will bid more frequently. An increase in bids from DSPs results in an increase in publisher bid density—and ultimately, publisher revenue.

What Are the Benefits of the Unified ID?

For Publishers

Publishers can expect to benefit in the following ways:

  • Higher bid density. As DSPs begin to adopt common identifiers like the Unified ID, publishers will see increased bid density (more frequent bidding) via increased DSP participation rate.
  • Speed. As the adoption of the Unified ID increases, publishers will also see a reduction in the number of ad tech network calls on their pages, resulting in faster load times for users.
  • Improved performance. In the future, publishers can expect to receive additional identity-specific reporting that outlines monetization impact and reduced user sync activity.

For DSPs

DSPs can expect to benefit in the following ways:

  • More users. By augmenting their existing, single user ID match solution with a common identifier like the Unified ID, DSPs can dramatically increase the number of known users to bid against.
  • Addressability. This increase in matched users allows DSPs to increase the size of their total addressable audience, allowing them to find more eligible users and facilitating an easier path to achieving buyer budget and performance goals.
  • Fewer network calls. Legacy user matching systems required a separate network call to increase the match rate between IX and a single DSP. With a shared user identifier, we increase the match rate for all DSPs with a single network call.

For Users

Users can expect to benefit in the following ways:

  • Faster page load time. A key pain point for users is page load time, and a key driver of page load time is the number of network calls on a given web page. In the long term, by moving to a limited set of common identifiers like the Unified ID, publishers, buyers, and technology can actually increase DSP matches and decrease the number of user sync calls, resulting in faster page load times for consumers.

For IX Library Partners

IX Library partners can expect to benefit in the following ways:

  • Value. All bidding adapters in the IX Library can leverage the value of the Unified ID common identifier by updating their adapter code. Updated adapters will be tested and launched as per the standard certification process. Once updated, the benefits of the Unified ID will be magnified across participating bidders in the IX Library.

How Can I Leverage the Unified ID?

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