Deal Diagnostics

To help you optimize your private marketplace activity, we have created a tool that helps you diagnose why a deal might not be transacting. The Deal Diagnostics tool is designed to help identify the various points in a deal transaction flow where obstacles might prevent deal spend. The Deal Diagnostics tool pinpoints whether a deal is sending bid requests, receiving bid responses, and also that it is winning impressions in your ad server.

A screenshot of the Controls > Private Exchange > Deals menu selection from the IX app.

  1. To access Deal Diagnostics, go to Controls > Private Exchange > Deals.
  2. To diagnose a deal from the Deals screen, click in the Actions column.
  3. The Diagnose Deal screen displays. From here you can access the Deal Diagnostics, which are organized into the following groups of tabs:

A screenshot shows the Functional Tests and Optional Scans avaialble through the Deal Diagnostics tool.

Functional Tests

  • Deal Setup – runs a group of deal setup tests to ensure that there are no problems with how you set up the deal.
  • DSP – helps you to understand what could be wrong with the deal that might prevent a buyer (demand-side platform) bidding on it.
  • Campaigns – lists all the campaigns that are bidding on the deal, highlighting which ones are not able to spend due to a particular problem. This list can be empty if no campaigns were found because the buyer is not bidding.

Optional Scans

  • GAM – takes insights from your Google Ad Manager (GAM, formerly DFP) ad server for deals that have key-value pairs on dedicated line items. These scans only work for deals that are placed on dedicated line items with key-value pairs.