Deal Setup

A screenshot of the diagnostic tests available on the Deal Setup tab.

The Deal Setup tab automatically runs the following diagnostic tests to ensure that there are no problems with how you set up the deal:

  1. Deal is turned on: this test detects if you have turned off the deal manually in the deals table.
  2. Deal is in flight: detects if the deal start date is in the future or if the end date is in the past.
  3. Site tags are assigned: detects if site tags that were once assigned to the deal have been deleted.
  4. There are no paused site tags: detects if you have intended to have certain inventory activate a deal but actually have that inventory paused.
  5. Site tags are receiving traffic: detects if enabled site tags are not generating ad requests. This could be because they are not mapped to a Header Tag ad slot.
  6. Deal sections are receiving traffic: detects if the combined contextual inventory and audience targeting set up for a deal is not generating any ad opportunities. This could be because your targeting is too restrictive.

Note: It can take up to two days for newly created deal sections to pass this test.

The site tag, audience segment, and deal section tests above all specify the individual elements (site tags, audience segments or deal sections) that fail the test compared with the total number that are being diagnosed.

For example, “12 out of 24 site tags are paused” means that you have 24 site tags assigned to the deal, but half of them are not generating any traffic for the deal because they are paused.

We have also added a convenient link here to the Deal Section Allocation report, which highlights how the deal you diagnose might compete with other deals for the same Deal Section inventory.