Private Marketplace

A deal is an implementation mechanism for PMP (Private Marketplace) deals.

PMPs or Private Marketplace Deals are exclusive auctions where a buyer and publisher negotiate an agreed upon rate (higher than the open market rate) for specific inventory on a publisher's site. PMP deals are a lot like a first class ticket on an airplane: you have to pay extra to stretch your legs and access the bar. PMP deals are meant to be more expensive, but offer a differentiated experience from the open market.

To segment your inventory into sections to sell using deal IDs, see how to create a deal section in the Index Exchange (IX) app. You can also see how to create individual deal IDs for a deal section. And with multiple deals on the go, you can view a report that reveals how your deals compete with one another and share inventory.

To help you optimize your private marketplace activity, we have created a Deal Diagnostics tool that helps you diagnose why a deal might not be transacting.