Reporting Areas

You can view Index Exchange (IX) data with many reporting services:

  • Domo – a third-party business intelligence software platform that helps you to view and access your data. For more information, see our Domo primer or access Domo’s user guide.
  • Wrapper Pulse – a reporting product, accessed through the IX app, that gives you a highly detailed level of insight into how your Header Tag Wrapper is performing. To learn more about the key performance indicators that Wrapper Pulse gathers, peruse our Index Data Dictionary. Wrapper Pulse has an easy-to-use UI that's full of visual reporting tools, or you can access the Wrapper Pulse API if you're technically inclined.
  • Exchange – a reporting tool accessed through the IX app.
  • Client Audit Logs – a service that provides publishers, buyers, and data providers access to non-aggregated hourly data for all events on the IX platform.