Video Header Bidding API

The Video Header Bidding API is a solution for publishers to increase real-time competition on video inventory, customized to your specific needs. Bids from our partners compete with demand in your ad server to maximize video revenue.

We’ll consult with you to determine your business requirements, then configure your account accordingly. You can override the account settings at any time and apply custom configurations, including brand blocks and minimum CPM floors. Once everything is configured, we’ll issue a JavaScript tag for the head section of your site.

On page load, the JavaScript sends a request for bids to our servers, triggering an auction. A winning bid is selected and returned to the browser, then embedded in the updated Master Video Tag (MVT).

The MVT then sends a request for bids to your ad server, activating a predefined line item with winning bid data. The predefined line item competes against direct sale line items in the ad server and against demand from any other bidder partners (if applicable). A winning bid is selected, and the video player is redirected to the creative for viewing.

If your platform supports optimized pods, the Video Header Bidding API determines all durations of ads that can be inserted into the pod and sends a request for bids to our servers. Bids with the highest cost per thousand (CPM) are returned and compete in the second auction inside of your ad server. Optimized ad pods also offer competitive separation handling to filter our bids by brand ID.

See the diagram below for a visual representation of how our ad server, other bidder partners (when applicable), and your ad server function with the Video Header Bidding API: