Video Wrapper

The Video Wrapper is a solution for publishers to increase programmatic competition on video inventory with minimal integration effort. It brings additional demand to your ad server and maximizes your revenue potential without risking your existing direct-sold deals.

We issue a Video Wrapper tag that replaces the Master Video Tag (MVT) in your video player. When a user loads your content, the Video Wrapper tag initiates an auction in our servers, then passes that demand to your chosen ad server for a final auction.

The winning bid(s) from the first auction compete against direct-sale line items in the second auction; line items are targeted as per line item setup (completed by us during the initial configuration) and a winning bid is selected. The winning bid is wrapped in a Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) and returned to the video player for viewing.

If present, the Video Wrapper tag can be passed through a Video Content Management System (vCMS). In this configuration, the video player retrieves your Video Wrapper tag from the vCMS and sends a request for bids to the ad server. If your platform supports optimized ad pods, Video Wrapper determines all durations of ads that can be inserted into the pod and sends a request for bids to our servers. For example, a pod with one minute of total advertising time would request one 60 second ad, two 30 second ads, four 15 second ads, or any durations that total one minute. The combination with the highest CPM are returned and delivered to your ad server.