Configure a Bidder


Index Exchange (IX) has a variety of partners (or adapters) across the ad tech community. Our partners currently fall into two categories: bidders (an ad exchange or demand partner that contributes bids) and non-bidders (a partner who contributes another resource, such as targeting, analytics, identity, and more). Together, the mix of adapters create an ecosystem of resources.

The Header Tag Wrapper allows you to add any of our bidder partners into your Wrapper. When a bidder is configured, the Wrapper sends a request for bids to their adapter, and the adapter of each bidder you have chosen to configure simultaneously. Each partner completes an auction, then sends a winning bid (if one is available) to compete in a final auction conducted by your ad server. Different bidders can be added to different Wrapper configurations, and each bidder can be switched on or off at any time.

In the event IX, nor any other demand partner produces a winning bid, the Wrapper has no effect on the auction in your chosen ad server; the auction is completed as anticipated without third-party demand.

Bidders are here to connect you with premium incremental demand; more adapters means more bids, and more bids leads to more revenue.


We require access to your ad server account before we can begin configuration. We also ask that you email a list of all demand partners, with whom you have a contracted relationship and want to include in your Wrapper, to your IX Representative.

Choose a Configuration Method

You have two options to add a new bidder into your Wrapper:

  • Managed Service (leveraging our managed service team to add the bidder for you)
  • Self Service (leveraging our UI to configure the bidder in a self-service capacity)