Installation Guide

Installing the Header Tag Wrapper is fast and easy: it can be deployed to any site, with no impact on existing code or user experience.

Installation is a three-stage process, with an additional stage for occasional maintenance and new feature releases.

Summary of Wrapper installation process listed below

If you are using the Universal Library, additional technical steps are required.

Stage One: Prep

  1. Complete and return the New Account Pack provided by your Publisher Sales Representative.
  2. Be prepared to commit your technical resources as required during the installation: changes must be made to your site and your technical teams are needed.

    If you are not able to commit your resources at this time, please provide a timeline for when you can.

  3. Provide us with access to your ad server account and email a list of all demand partners (with whom you have a contracted relationship and want to include in the Wrapper) to your IX Representative.
  4. Review Header Tag Wrapper Products, or consult with your IX Representative to determine which Wrapper is best-suited for your site setup and ad server.
  5. If you have any questions or would like additional information about the Wrapper, please review Header Tag Wrapper 101, FAQ, or contact your IX Representative.

Stage Two: Testing

Once all prerequisites are met, we configure your Wrapper and test its performance.

  1. We leverage the UI to configure a new Wrapper, set up your Slot Mapping, and launch it to a staging environment. We then provide your Wrapper file and place it as high in the <head> section of your site's HTML files as possible.
  2. Review a list of our demand partners and decide which ones you want to receive bids from. We (or you, if you’d like) add each bidder into the Wrapper through the UI. See Configure a Bidder for step-by-step instructions.
  3. We configure your ad server using a three-step process:
    1. We create a base line item that contains each unique ad slot size in your inventory
    2. We test that line item for frequent win rates, then ensure ads are rendered for each creative size and delivered into the correct slots
    3. We clone the base line items for production and create line items for each adapter you’ve chosen to add into your Wrapper

    Note: These steps may differ slightly if you are using an ad server other than Google Ad Manager (GAM, formerly called DFP).

  4. Once your ad server is configured, we test your Wrapper’s performance to ensure your site is fully compatible with your Wrapper. Most publisher sites are 100% compatible, but in the event yours is not, we’ll suggest (optional) changes you can make to reach full compatibility.

    Don’t worry – the Wrapper still generates revenue even if it’s not fully compatible with your site, and any changes required are not an immediate concern. Think of it as gradual post-launch improvements to generate even more revenue.

    Refer to Wrapper Troubleshooting for methods to test and improve compatibility from your end.

Stage Three: Launch

When your Wrapper is configured and performing at top-notch, we launch it onto your site.

Stage Four: Maintenance

Adjustments may be required to your Header Tag Wrapper over time. Here are some instances when we may need to perform maintenance:

  • Shortly after the initial launch. We encourage you to test the Wrapper on your end to ensure you are satisfied with its performance. We also complete additional testing post-launch, and will apply maintenance as required.
  • If your site changes. Please contact us if you plan to make any changes to your site as they might require changes to your Wrapper. We’ll review the proposed changes and schedule any necessary maintenance.
  • Any time you’d like to confirm compatibility. We encourage occasional compatibility testing to ensure the Wrapper and your site are still cooperating; minor tweaks every now and again can help to increase your revenue. See Wrapper Troubleshooting for step-by-step instructions.
  • Feature Releases. We release several new features and optimizations to the Header Tag Wrapper per year. Please speak with your IX Representative for future release details.