Postbid Wrapper

This solution was built to integrate with your existing Google Ad Manager (GAM, formerly DFP) setup in a manner that prioritizes the highest bid (but ultimately has a bias towards GAM auctions).


  • You want to use GAM in tandem with IX, but don’t mind a slight bias towards Google
  • You prefer a simplified technical setup
  • You’re comfortable with occasional line item maintenance

Postbid Wrapper competes with GAM on a less-than-level playing field. The GAM auction occurs first: we have one line item that represents an average of what we think the real-time CPM (cost per thousand) is. Our line item competes against other line items in the GAM auction that do contain a real-time price. Our actual bids may be higher than the price of our line item, but we can’t be sure at the time. This Wrapper requires some line item maintenance to ensure the price we offer accurately reflects the current market; please consult with your IX Representative for further information.

Note: Any deals must be set up in the GAM API, not through the Wrapper UI.


  1. Your site makes the call to GAM and an auction is completed. We have one line item in the auction that represents an average price of what we think our adapters will offer for the impression.
  2. If our line item is the highest price available, we win the auction.
  3. The JavaScript library sends a request for bids to all configured adapters; each adapter completes an auction and the Header Tag Wrapper selects a winning line item.
  4. The Wrapper communicates with the winning creative and injects the appropriate ad into the correct slot on your site.

Postbid Wrapper workflow