Wrapper 101

What Is the Header Tag Wrapper?

The Header Tag Wrapper is a header bidding product for all publishers. It maximizes your advertising revenue by increasing real-time demand inside of your ad server, and brings your inventory into a unified, open, transparent auction framework. The Wrapper operates at incredibly low latency, is easy to deploy, and allows you full control over all configurations. We designed the Wrapper with our publisher clients in mind: it supports a diverse variety of use cases and offers empowerment over header bidding.

We are an independent company by choice and we believe in a fair, transparent Wrapper. We provide our Wrapper products to publishers at no cost and will never charge hidden fees.

We offer four Header Tag Wrapper products, allowing you to find the Wrapper that suits your needs, site setup, and level of technical prowess.

How the Wrapper Works

Bidding Partners

We have a variety of partners across the ad tech community who support the Header Tag Wrapper. Our partners fall into two categories:

  • Bidders: an ad exchange or demand partner who contributes bids
  • Non-bidders: a partner who contributes another resource, such as targeting, analytics, identity, and more

You get to choose which partners to include in your Wrapper. More partners means more bids, and more bids can lead to more revenue.

Auction Workflow

We provide a JavaScript code that lives in the head section of your site. Each time your site loads on a user’s device, the JavaScript sends a request for bids simultaneously to all demand partners you've chosen to include in your Wrapper. Each partner completes an auction, then passes a winning bid (if one is retrieved) into your chosen ad server. Your ad server conducts a final auction and selects a winning bid. This workflow occurs once per ad slot. (See Wrapper Products for more details.)

In the event that no demand partners produce a winning bid, the Wrapper has no effect on the auction in your chosen ad server: the auction is conducted as anticipated without third-party demand.

The concept of header bidding is not new to ad tech, but the Header Tag Wrapper sets a new standard: by creating a transparent exchange environment, publishers no longer have to settle for anything less.