Ad misplacement submission and resolution

Index Exchange (IX) is a leader in providing a transparent ecosystem for advertisers. Our ad review and categorization processes mitigate risk by making sure that ads are high quality, run on appropriate supply and against appropriate ads, facilitate positive experiences for visitors, and maximize monetization.

However, in rare cases, ads may be served against undesired supply. To ensure that these sorts of issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, we provide a system for buyers to submit these concerns to IX.

IX recognizes the importance of feedback and takes all issues submitted to the company very seriously. The information gained from these issues helps to improve the quality of services provided by IX, the experience of all of our partners, and the digital advertising ecosystem in general. We will investigate all legitimate issues that are brought to our attention by our demand partners.

Submitting an issue

To submit an ad misplacement issue to IX, please submit all appropriate and relevant information to your IX Representative. When submitting an issue to IX, you are encouraged to include as much relevant information as possible to help us resolve your issue more effectively and efficiently. Including the following information may help us resolve your issue:

  • Name of a contact person at your company;
  • Relevant background and context;
  • Location where the ad was served;
  • Sample bid responses and bid requests that generated the misplaced ad;
  • Aggregate impression counts; and
  • Screenshot(s) of the ad display.

Resolution timelines

IX is committed to resolving all ad misplacement issues as quickly as is reasonable, and will begin to investigate within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.

IX will make every effort to resolve all concerns submitted to the company, to the extent that it is commercially and technically reasonable within ten (10) business days. Resolving issues may involve working with your company, applicable DSPs or other sellers or buyers.

If IX is unable to resolve the complaint, you will be notified and provided with a summary of the reason(s).