Tips for buyers to optimize a Matched Audience deal

Deals under Matched Audiences™ that are facilitated by Real Time Identity (RTI) adapters and audiences containing people-based identifiers require specific guidance to scale successfully. Since Matched Audience deals focus on precise users, Index Exchange (IX) recommends that buyers follow the tips outlined below for optimal results.

Tip Description

Avoid additional DSP filtering

Buyers should avoid additional filtering on the DSP side. Since Matched Audience deals use people-based identifiers, the audience will abide by a buyer's predetermined requirements. Applying more filters limits the eligible bid requests that a DSP receives, preventing buyers from scaling with their desired audience.

Allocate a budget

Buyers should allocate a budget to RTI campaigns only. Some DSPs filter campaigns to bid on the most efficient campaigns. By dedicating a budget to RTI campaigns only, DSPs can make sure that each deal delivers in full.

Use unique line items

Make sure that each deal ID has its own line item. During launch, consolidate deal IDs on a single campaign to better control the bid rate and win rate for a campaign. Campaign performance may vary depending on inventory availability, so unique line items allow buyers the flexibility to increase bid rates in more competitive environments, such as high-impact units and video. Without separating line items, a budget could get allocated for opportunities with the highest win rate, instead of delivering on all campaign goals.

Pace successfully

Set campaign pacing to “as fast as possible”. High bid rates will make sure that the campaign scales and every bid request will already contain an eligible user from the designated audience segment. IX suggests a bid rate that is higher than average, usually around 80%, because all requests will fit a buyer's audience parameters. Without a high bid rate, all downstream bid cycle events, such as won impressions, will decrease and buyers will miss opportunities to fully scale their audience.

Use loose frequency capping

Set the frequency cap (impressions per user per publisher per day) as loose as possible and make sure that filters that restrict opportunity are turned off. Since the audience segment is already geared for the most important users, frequency capping unnecessarily restricts the deal from spending.

If you have any questions about Matched Audience deals, contact your IX Representative.