What is Identity?

At Index Exchange, Identity refers to a solution that either unlocks real-time, people-based advertising or consolidates legacy cookie-based identifiers.

Unlocking people-based advertising

Until recently, advertising to users using only first-party data (for example, emails, usernames, device IDs) has only been available on closed platforms. IX works with Identity partners in ad tech to enable people-based advertising outside of these closed platforms and makes it available to the trusted web (trusted publisher sites where users can consent to sharing personal data).

Through IX 's Identity solutions, buyers can personalize the ad experience for specific audiences using people-based identifiers through the open market or deal IDs.

Consolidating cookie-based identifiers

Historically, ad tech companies used their own unique cookies to identify users, resulting in each user accumulating hundreds of different cookie-based identifiers based on the devices they use and sites they visit. Too many cookies lead to increased page load times and fragmented data.

Through common identifiers (shared identifiers that can be used by many platforms), IX can improve page load times, enrich buyer opportunities, and increase bid density across publisher inventory.

Identity benefits

All ad tech platforms and users can benefit from implementing Identity with IX in the following ways:

  • Higher bid value for publishers as buyers adopt people-based advertising and shift budgets from closed platforms to the trusted web.
  • Buyers can create and transact on audience segments across premium publishers through solutions, such as Merkle or Matched Audiences™.
  • Increase DSP match rates (between IX and the DSP) and increase the number of known users to bid against.
  • Users who visit publisher sites with Identity solutions enabled can expect faster page load times because fewer network calls are being made. Publisher sites will also contain more relevant and personalized ads for users.

Identity solutions at IX

Publishers and buyers can implement Identity solutions through our supported Real Time Identity (RTI) providers or IX's Matched Audiences product. For more information on these Identity solutions, see:

To learn how IX can maximize Identity across the exchange using IX Bridge, see What is IX Bridge?