Receive RTI identifiers in bid requests

To receive Real Time Identity (RTI) identifiers in bid requests, DSPs must update their bidding algorithm and request to be on the allowed list from Index Exchange (IX) for certain RTI providers.

  1. Update your bidding algorithm to be able to receive, log, and bid against these RTI identifier fields within the user object of a bid request:
  2. Location in user object Field Description



    The RTI provider's domain.



    The user identifier string from the RTI provider.



    The RTI provider's ID.

    Example JSON

    "user": {
      "id": "Wu0LmNOOOpqRRsS6",
      "buyerid": "128777833444528",
      "ext": {
        "eids": [
    	 "source": "",
    	 "uids": [
    	     "id": "XY6104gr0njcH9UD_cMlsFOfZI",
    	     "ext": {
    	       "rtiPartner": "rtiproviderID"

  3. Contact your IX Representative to get on the allowed list for the following RTI providers:
    • LiveIntent
    • LiveRamp
      • DSPs who want to receive the LiveRamp identifier, IdentityLink (IDL), in Europe or Asia-Pacific must sign an amendment to an existing contract or a new contract. For more information, contact your IX Representative.
    • netID

Note: You don't need to be on the allowed list for Unified ID as they automatically send their RTI identifier in bid requests to all DSPs.