Options to scope traffic by identity match

You can scope the bid requests that you receive by identity match through one of the following options:

  • Matched cookie-less and device-less traffic that only contains a p_id
  • Matched cookie-based traffic that also contains a p_id
  • Matched device-based traffic that also contains a p_id

During an auction, Index Exchange (IX) checks for an external_user_id, IFA, and p_id. If you are scoping by identity match, only requests that contain the identity match options you've selected are sent through to you.

To use the identity match filter, you must also be filtering by user matching status or by device identifier. The following configuration options are available to target users by identity match based on the traffic filter you are using.

Traffic filter Configuration Identity match options

User matching status


Matched users

  • New users
  • external_user_id
  • New users and p_id
  • external_user_id and p_id
  • p_id only

Device Identifier

Specific device identifier: ifa


  • Mobile Device ID
  • Mobile Device ID and p_id
  • p_id only

IX supports the following p_ids:

RTI provider p_id







To learn more about receiving p_ids in bid requests, see Receive RTI identifiers in bid requests.