Build and test your adapter

Before you begin: Complete the Adapter Integration agreement outlined in step 2 of Become a certified adapter.

To build and test your adapter, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Fork and clone our adapter repository in GitHub.

Step 2

Complete the module setup.

Step 3

Build your adapter, by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete your adapter code in the <adapter-name>-htb.js file. For details, see the Adapter Module Overview and the Utility Libraries sections in GitHub.
  2. Complete the <adapter-name>-htb-validator.js file. This is the validator file for the configuration object that will be passed into your module.
  3. If your response executes a callback, complete the <adapter-name>-htb-exports.js file.
  4. Complete the <adapter-name>-htb-system-tests.js file. This is used to test your adapter.
  5. Optionally, configure any enhancements that you want your adapter to support.

Step 4

Use the Adapter Development Suite to test your adapter. Complete the following tasks:

  1. Test your adapter using the debugger.
  2. Check your code using ESLint.
  3. Write and run your test cases.

Step 5

Review your code against the Code submission checklist for bidding adapters or the Code submission checklist for non bidding adapters.

Step 6

Log a pull request in GitHub and save the link.

After you finish: Merge your adapter code into the canary branch.