Update a certified adapter

Changes to a certified adapter can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • A fixed bug
  • A new feature
  • A change made by Index Exchange (Index), such as a compliance update.

When a change occurs that requires an update to your adapter, complete the following steps:

Make the changes in the master branch of your adapter repository.

If you want to add support for a privacy regulation or receive custom targeting using key values, see Configuring your adapter to support optional enhancements.

Confirm that you've fulfilled our adapter code submission checklist, then log a pull request in GitHub against the canary branch.

We work together in a review cycle:

  • Index reviews your code and may request changes.
  • You make the code changes in your GitHub repository.

This review cycle continues until we don't have any additional changes to request.

We perform pre-production testing using a staging instance of a publisher's IX Library™. We provide you with access to the staging IX Library so that you can sign off on the testing.

You'll work with the publisher's Index Representative throughout the testing.

Once the testing is complete, we merge the updates into the master branch on GitHub.

Inform all publishers who are using your adapter in their IX Library of the updates. They must launch their IX Library to access the changes.