Resources available for our IX Library partners

Our IX Library™ partners have access to the IX Library Ecosystem, which is a collection of tools, documentation, and self-help guides that help partners to quickly and easily integrate with us. Everyone who supports the IX Library gains access to an ecosystem of resources.

See the table below to learn more about the IX Library Ecosystem, and the tools available to you as a publisher or certified adapter.

Resource Description


The owner of a website who uses the IX Library.

Certified Adapters

A partner who has completed the adapter certification process. Certified adapters fall into two categories:

  • Bidders: an ad exchange or demand partner that contributes bids
  • Non-bidders: a partner that contributes another resource, such as targeting, analytics, identity, and more. These resources help bidders make informed decisions on the value of each impression
Published Source Code

The IX Library is a JavaScript framework and has always been viewable by any interested party, but is now published on GitHub. The IX Library source code is maintained by IX and will be published on a quarterly basis to GitHub.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines our established rules and commitments for IX Library behavior and adapter participation.

Reporting in Domo

We provide publishers and certified adapters with Domo accounts, so you can pull detailed reports on a variety of metrics. Use this powerful reporting tool to know exactly how well your IX Library is performing or, if you're an adapter, how well you're performing in each configuration.

Integration Agreement

Each certified adapter signs an integration agreement. This agreement outlines the expectations between us and our partners: specifically, how our teams will work together.

Adapter Development Suite (ADS)

ADS is a suite of tools we designed to streamline the Adapter Certification Process. It allows our partners to:

  • Easily integrate with us
  • Independently build and test their adapter, and any adapter updates
  • Detect any issues with their code early in the development cycle

ADS features self-help guides and detailed instructions so a large portion of the process can be done independently.

Mass Release Tool

We've developed a mass release tool to help us streamline releases by pushing adapter code updates to applicable publishers. When updates are ready, this tool allows us to quickly make all the changes at once.

Our mass launch schedule is every few weeks, and we always notify publishers before pushing the changes to their site.

External Service Desk

We've built a partner-facing ticketing system to centralize communication across different partners and IX teams. Powered by JIRA, this platform allows adapters to contact our teams directly and file a ticket for a new certification or to request adapter updates.