Joining the Advertising ID Consortium

The Advertising ID Consortium is an open and independent organization that is composed of various ad tech companies across the digital advertising industry, including both DSPs and SSPs, marketers, and publishers.Index Exchange is a founding member of the consortium.

The consortium was created to solve two of the biggest problems in the ad tech industry:

  • User sync network call inefficiencies
  • A lack of people-based buying on the trusted web

Network call inefficiencies

In the past, ad tech companies relied on independent cookies to recognize customers. For example, a user may have the user ID ABC123 on one platform and user ID XYZ456 on another platform, but it may take several network calls to establish it was the same person. This system led to "cookie chaos," where all partners dropped a unique identifier on the page leading to low match rates, a decreased understanding of consumers, and a slow and frustrating experience for the user.

The Advertising ID Consortium aims to move to common, non-exclusive cookie identifiers. By using common identifiers and sharing these with all partners, DSPs see more matched users and consumers experience faster page load times.

People-based buying on the trusted web

The Advertising ID Consortium introduces people-based identifiers to the trusted web (trusted publisher sites where users can consent to sharing personal data) in compliance with current privacy laws. People-based identifiers enable buyers and publishers to reach their intended audiences more precisely. Buyers and publishers will see their programmatic campaigns get higher CPMs and users get more personalized content when they visit a site. People-based buying offers a level of scalability that, in time, helps other ad tech companies compete with closed platforms.

The consortium's ultimate goal is for the market to operate more effectively, advertisers to invest more confidently, and all members of the digital ecosystem will benefit.

How to join the Advertising ID Consortium?

If you want to join the consortium and help set its future direction, you can fill in a form on the consortium website here.

Benefits of joining the Advertising ID Consortium

Joining the Advertising ID Consortium has the following benefits:

  • Access to an open and standardized pool for cookie and device IDs
  • Increased scale and recognition in programmatic campaigns
  • Improved fill rates and higher CPMs
  • Precise people-based advertising with frequency capping, suppression, and attribution
  • Elimination of syncing issues and related data loss
  • Enhanced cross-device capabilities
  • Monthly calls and quarterly in-person meetings