Matching users using IX Bridge

IX Bridge is an addressability solution that allows publishers to match users using LiveRamp, a Universal ID provider, in environments where only cookie-based identifiers are available. Index Exchange (Index) built this solution for cookie-based environments where Universal IDs are not supported. Enabling IX Bridge has the following benefits:

  • Publishers: Can enrich bid requests with a Universal ID in ad opportunities where only cookie-based identifiers are available, which increases ad revenue.

  • DSPs: Will see an increase of LiveRamp’s Universal IDs (rampIDs) in open market traffic and in bid requests that are eligible to be sent for LiveRamp Matched Audiences™ deals.

  • Buyers: Will see an increase in bid requests that they are eligible to participate in and target relevant ads to users.

Index recommends that publishers who use IX Bridge also set up LiveRamp Matched Audiences campaigns with buyers to maximize revenue.

How does IX Bridge work?

To learn how IX Bridge works, refer to the steps below:

Index drops user matching pixels on users who visit our publisher partner sites. One of the pixels is associated with LiveRamp and is used for IX Bridge.

When a user visits a publisher’s site, the LiveRamp pixel initiates a call to LiveRamp’s endpoint. LiveRamp checks if the user is a known user and is associated with an existing rampID.

If so, LiveRamp makes a call to Index and passes the following:

  • An encrypted envelope that contains the rampID.

  • The user ID (cmid) that is associated with the LiveRamp pixel and the rampID.

Index stores the cmid and the encrypted envelope in our servers.

When Index receives a bid request that contains a cmid, we check our servers for an encrypted envelope that is associated with the cmid.
LiveRamp's translator service decrypts the envelope and creates a unique rampID for each eligible DSP. A rampID is also created for any eligible Matched Audiences deals that a buyer and publisher have set up with LiveRamp. The rampIDs and any Matched Audiences deals are then included in the bid request and sent to each eligible DSP.

Enabling IX Bridge

IX Bridge is enabled by default for all publishers who are based in North America and the Asia-Pacific region. To opt-out of IX Bridge, contact your Index Representative.