Matching users using Neustar (Beta)

Neustar is an identity-based customer cloud solution that powers data management media activation and marketing analytics without relying on cookies or mobile ad IDs. For publishers who choose to integrate Neustar directly on their site, the NeustarReal Time Identity (RTI) adapter in their IX Library™ will match users using the Neustar identifier. Neustar uses the fabrickId which is a pseudonymized token that is created by an email or phone number to identify and match users.

Note: Neustar is currently in open Beta for publishers and in closed Beta for buyers. For more information, contact your Index Representative.

Publishers can choose to integrate Neustar directly on their site through one of the following options:

Publishers who integrate Neustar on their site can access buyer budgets reserved for people-based audiences. Audience-based deals usually have higher price points, resulting in higher CPMs and revenue for publishers.

The Neustar identifier enables buyers to target people-based audiences from Neustar through Index Matched Audiences™ solution. Buyers can use customer relationship management (CRM) data to reach key users, in real time, and have greater access to devices and environments through people-based based identifiers.

For more information on how to run a Matched Audiences campaign using Neustar, see the following topics:

How Neustar identifiers get passed

When a publisher has enabled Neustar on their site either through their IX Library™ or Prebid.js integration, Index can match users with a Neustar identifier, fabrickId, which enables a deal request for a corresponding audience segment. To understand how we pass a user's fabrickId in the IX Library or Prebid.js, refer to the steps below:

Image illustrating how we pass a user's Universal ID. The steps are detailed below.

Neustar passes a buyer’s audience file to the Index Audience Manager.

Index validates and deploys the audience file to the Index ad server and creates an RTI deal ID for the audience.

When a user visits a publisher site with the Neustar RTI adapter (IX Library) or the Neustar user ID module (Prebid.js) enabled, the following will occur based on the publisher's integration type and settings:

  1. IX Library integration: If the publisher has default settings, the IX Library will check the browser's local storage and cookies for the user's fabrickId.

  2. IX Library integration: If the publisher has configured a custom cookie or local storage name of where the fabrickId gets stored, the IX Library will check for the custom name in local storage and cookies for the user's fabrickId.

  3. Prebid.js integration: The fabrickId will be made available to the Index adapter through the bidrequest.userIdAsEids object.

The IX Library or Prebid.js appends the fabrickId for the user to the bid request and sends it to the Index ad server.

If the user's fabrickId is part of a buyer's Neustar audience file, the Index ad server will append the deal ID associated to the audience in a bid request to the assigned DSP. The DSP can bid and win impressions just like any other private marketplace deal.