Matching users using Zeotap (Beta)

Zeotap is a next-generation Customer Data Platform. Its Customer Intelligence Platform enhances and activates customer data without the use of cookies, while prioritizing user privacy and industry compliance. Publishers who choose to integrate Zeotap on their site can enable the Zeotap Real Time Identity (RTI) adapter in their IX Library™ or the ID+ User Id Module with their Prebid.js integration and pass Zeotap’s ID+. The ID+ is a publisher-scope encrypted identifier that contains user matches collected through transparent user authentication.

Note: Zeotap is currently in Beta for publishers, buyers, and DSPs. For more information, contact your Index Representative.

Enabling Zeotap’s ID+ helps DSPs receive people-based identifiers for buyers and increase their bid activity, resulting in an increase in bid value for publishers. Publishers can choose to integrate Zeotap directly on their site through one of the following options:

Buyers who want to directly bid on users using the ID+ identifier must work with a supported DSP. For a list of supported DSPs, contact your Index Representative.

Zeotap also allows buyers to target people-based audiences through Index Exchange (Index) Matched Audiences™ using their ID+ identifier. Buyers can use customer relationship management (CRM) data to reach key users, in real time, and have greater access to devices and environments through people-based identifiers.

For more information on how to run a Matched Audiences campaign using Zeotap, see the following topics:

How Zeotap identifiers get passed

When a publisher has enabled Zeotap on their site, either through their IX Library or Prebid.js integration, Index can match users with the Zeotap identifier, ID+. To understand how we pass a user’s ID+ in the IX Library and Prebid.js, refer to the steps below:

Optionally, Zeotap passes a buyer’s audience file to Index.

Optionally, if step 1 occurs, Index validates and deploys the audience file to the Index ad server and creates an RTI deal ID for the audience.

When a user visits a publisher site with the ZeotapRTI adapter (IX Library) or the Zeotap user ID module (Prebid.js) enabled, the following will occur based on the publisher’s integration type and settings:

  1. IX Library integration: The IX Library checks both the browser’s local storage and cookies for an encrypted ID+ that’s associated with the user. If an ID+ is not found, the workflow continues to step 6.

  2. Prebid.js integration: The encrypted ID+ that’s associated with the user is made available to the Index adapter through the bidrequest.userIdAsEids object. If an ID+ is not available, the workflow continues to step 6.

If an ID+ is not found, the workflow continues to step 6 and the bid request is passed without it.

Index passes the user’s encrypted ID+ to Zeotap’s Resolver Service, which is used to decrypt the ID+ identifier.

Zeotap’s ID+ Resolver Service outputs a unique ID+ identifier for each DSP that can be used for targeting and audience-based buying.

Index passes the DSP-specific ID+ and any available deal IDs in the bid request to DSPs. If an ID+ was not found in step 3, the bid request is passed without it. DSPs use this information to generate a bid and return a bid response to Index.