Set up a Neustar Matched Audience platform deal (Beta)

Note: Neustar is currently in open Beta for publishers and in closed Beta for buyers. For more information, contact your IX Representative.

Before you can run a platform deal for Matched Audience with Neustar, the following steps need to be completed:

Step 1

Buyers must provide the name of the DSP that they are working with to IX Buyer Services. Buyers can also provide the IX DSP ID (optional).

Step 2

The buyer works with Neustar to upload their audience file. For more information, contact your Neustar representative.

Step 3

The buyer works with Neustar to send the audience file directly to IX. For more information, contact your Neustar representative.

Step 4

IX’s Buyer Services team creates a deal and shares a deal ID with the buyer.

Step 5

The buyer builds the Matched Audience deal in their chosen DSP. Since Matched Audience deals focus on small, precise, and highly performing audience segments, buyers should follow IX best practices in DSP setup. For more information on how buyers can optimize a deal, see Tips for buyers to optimize a Matched Audience deal.

Step 6

Once a Matched Audience campaign is set up and a user from the Matched Audience file is recognized on a publisher's page, IX detects the Matched Audience in real time and generates a bid request for the deal ID tied to that audience. This detection is enabled by the IX RTI framework using the Neustar RTI adapter. For more information, see Matching users using Neustar (Beta).

Step 7

DSPs can then bid and win on opportunities for the buyer's Matched Audience. The user within the selected Matched Audience will see the campaign on the publisher site.

If you need further assistance with Matched Audience, contact the IX Buyer Services team at or contact your Neustar representative.