What is IX Bridge?

IX Bridge increases the availability of people-based identifiers across publisher inventory. In ad opportunities where only cookie-based identifiers are available, IX Bridge can leverage existing cookie-syncing technology to associate an IX cookie-based identifier with a people-based identifier. With IX Bridge, we can unlock more Matched Audiences™ and opportunities for buyers to receive RTI identifiers, such as LiveRamp's IdentityLink (IDL). Although IX Bridge provides some people-based addressability, the percentage of publisher inventory enriched with people-based identifiers will be higher for publishers who enable Real Time Identity (RTI) adapters in their IX Library™. Currently, IX Bridge is only available for traffic and publishers in North America and Asia-Pacific.

How does IX Bridge work

To learn how IX Bridge works in bid requests using our standard cookie-sync technology, refer to the steps below:

  1. IX sees a variety of events, such as bid requests and user syncs, that contain both an IX cookie identifier and people-based identifier.
  2. IX records the association between the IX cookie identifier and people-based identifier.
  3. When IX sees the original IX cookie identifier in future bid requests, IX can enrich them with people-based identifiers and features, such as LiveRamp's IDL and Matched Audience deals.

Maximizing value with IX Bridge and RTI

With IX Bridge, we provide more ad opportunities for buyers looking to bid on people-based IDs and activate Matched Audience deals across all publisher inventory. We encourage publishers who want more value beyond IX Bridge to start or continue adding RTI adapters in their IX Library. By implementing RTI solutions, publishers can see more benefits such as higher bid value and bid density (frequency of bidding). 

Only publishers can opt-out of IX Bridge. To opt-out, please contact your IX Representative.