Performing maintenance to your IX Library

Adjustments may be required to the IX Library™ over time. Here are some instances when we may need to perform maintenance:

  • Shortly after the initial launch. We encourage you to test the IX Library on your end to make sure that you are satisfied with its performance. We also complete additional testing post-launch, and will apply maintenance as required.
  • If your site changes. Contact us if you plan to make any changes to your site as they might require changes to the IX Library. We’ll review the proposed changes and schedule any necessary maintenance.
  • Any time you’d like to check its performance. We encourage occasional performance testing to make sure that the IX Library and your site are still cooperating. Occasional minor adjustments can help to increase your revenue. To learn more, see Troubleshoot issues with the IX Library's performance.
  • Feature releases. We release features and optimizations to the IX Library throughout the year. For future release details, speak with your IX Representative.