Placing the IX Library script tag onto your site

After your new IX Library™ is configured in the IX App, your IX Representative provides a script tag. This fetches and loads your IX Library file. Place the script tag in the <head> section of your website, before your Google Publisher Tag (GPT) library.

To prevent under-performance of the IX Library, we ask that you avoid doing the following:

  • Do not place the script tag inside of a tag manager or other third-party library.
  • Do not load any other libraries on your page synchronously. Other libraries on your page must not redefine native browser implementations, such as interfering with the XMLHttpRequest object on an AJAX site. Additionally, loading the IX Library asynchronously and other libraries synchronously severely degrades the performance. Doing so can also hurt the overall performance of your page.
  • Do not host the IX Library file locally for three critical reasons:
    • We regularly deploy optimizations to improve functionality. If the file is hosted locally, we cannot reach your IX Library to provide these updates. You will not be operating with the most current version of the IX Library, and performance may be affected.
    • We have thousands of servers worldwide and use content delivery networks (CDNs) designed to serve the IX Library at the lowest latencies possible. If hosted locally, your IX Library cannot access CDNs and again, its performance may be affected.
    • Local hosting cuts communication between the IX Library and the IX App. If hosted locally, you lose access to all functionality that the IX App provides.