Using GAM Manual Module in the IX Custom Library

The GAM Manual Module integrates with Google Ad Manager and allows for a high level of customization. Use this module in the IX Custom Library™ in the following situations:

  • You use Google Ad Manager.
  • You want to control the final ad call to Google Ad Manager.
  • You are comfortable with and have the resources for an advanced technical setup.

How it works

The following describes how the GAM Manual Module in the IX Custom Library works when it's implemented on your site:

Step 1

IX Custom Library calls all of the certified adapters that you want to include.

Step 2

Bidding adapters conduct auctions and return demand.

Step 3

Your site initiates the final ad call to Google Ad Manager and delivers the demand returned into your ad server.

Note: Since you control the ad call, you can set up additional actions to occur before making the final call.

Step 4

Google Ad Manager completes a final auction and selects a winning line item.

Step 5

If the line item corresponds to a certified bidding adapter, the IX Wrapper Library communicates with the creative, and injects the appropriate ad into the correct slot on your site.