Using the Universal Module in the IX Custom Library

The Universal Module integrates with any ad server and offers the highest level of customization, but is the IX Library™ type that has the most involved technical setup. Use this module in the IX Custom Library™ in the following situations:

  • You use an ad server that's not Google Ad Manager.
  • You want to have full control over the header bidding solution on your site.
  • You're comfortable with and have the resources for an advanced technical setup.
  • You want to monetize video inventory.

You are responsible for the following aspects of the workflow that are not automated by Universal Module:

  • Providing the names of each Header Tag Slot that you require demand for.
  • Collecting the demand from IX Custom Library and returning it to your site.
  • Delivering the demand into your ad server.

How it works

The following describes how the Universal Module in the IX Custom Library works when it's implemented on your site:

Step 1

When a user loads your site in their browser, your site calls retrieveDemand. This indicates that demand is required, and specifies the type of demand to retrieve.

Step 2

The IX Custom Library communicates with the callback function that you provide to deliver the demand back to your site.

Step 3

Once you retrieve the demand, you deliver it to your ad server for a final auction.

Step 4

Your ad server conducts a final auction and selects a winning line item. If the line item corresponds to a certified adapter, IX Custom Library communicates with the creative and injects the appropriate ad into the correct slot on your site.

To implement the Universal Module in the IX Custom Library on your site, see Integrate the Universal Module.