Passing custom targeting data to Index using key values

Key values are custom parameters that are used to identify information about your website, a section of your website, your ad slots, or the audience who visits your site. For example, key values allow you to place specific ads in a specific ad slot for a specific audience.

If you are a publisher who has integrated with the IX Custom Library™ or IX Wrapper Library™, you can pass custom targeting data from your site to certified adapters in your IX Library™ configuration using key values. Publishers who use Prebid can also pass custom targeting data using key values.

All custom targeting data is shared before the header auction is initiated and is passed along with the bid request in real time.

For more information on setting up key values in your IX Library, see Set up custom targeting with key values.

For more information on setting up key values in Prebid.js, see Prebid's documentation on Setting First-Party Data (FPD).