Submit new inventory for approval to Index

Index Exchange (Index) reviews and approves all publisher inventory such as new domains and apps to make sure that the inventory meets Index’s quality standards. Inventory that does not meet these standards are rejected. For more information about the quality standards, see Supply quality guidelines.

To submit new inventory to Index for approval, you must enter and submit your inventory details using the following compliance template:

  1. Depending on the inventory type that you want to monetize with Index, download one of the following compliance templates:

    • For new domains and apps, click here to download the compliance template.

    • For OTT inventory, click here to download the compliance template.

  2. Enter the information requested in the template for all new inventory. To reduce the time that it will take us to complete the review, Index recommends that you include multiple domains or apps in the same template.

  3. If you are entering new app inventory, enter only the app ID and not the full URL in the Domain or App Bundle ID column. For example, if the app URL is, the ID you should enter is 361309726. For an Android app with URL = com.yourdomain.appname, the app ID you should enter is com.yourdomain.appname.

  4. Create a customer support case or send an email to with the attached compliance template. Include the following details in the body of your email:

    • The account IDs for which you want to monetize this inventory.

    • The type of inventory these domains and apps will refer to such as web banner, web video, or mobile banner.

    • Indicate whether you require multiple site IDs or just one site ID for every approved domain and app.

  5. After the review is complete, we create any site IDs for approved domains and apps. Your Index Representative will contact you with the updates.