Configure video in the IX Library

Before you begin:  

  • Select the IX Custom Library™ (Universal Module) or IX Wrapper Library™ as your IX Library™ type.
  • Confirm your video player is compatible by contacting your IX Representative to let them know which video player you're using. All major video players that support VAST or VPAID are compatible.

Note: In most cases, your IX Representative will configure video inventory for you in the IX App. Provide them with the following information.

  1. Set up a timeout. Let us know if you want to use a static or Adaptive Timeout™. If you opt for an adaptive timeout, provide a default timeout value. You can use a different timeout value for video and banner inventory.
  2. Configure other IX Library features. Determine if you want to use any of the following IX Library features in your video inventory:
  3. Configure video adapters. Let us know which certified video adapters you want to include in your IX Library configuration.

    If your video player supports VPAID, select application/javascript as one of the MIME Types and VPAID 1.0 or VPAID 2.0 as the API Framework when configuring adapters to maximize revenue potential.

    If your video player supports VAST wrapper, select VAST 2, VAST 3, VAST 2 Wrapper, and VAST 3 Wrapper as the Protocol when configuring adapters to maximize revenue potential.

  4. Map your inventory to video Header Tag Slots. Add the Header Tag Slots to each selected adapter that you want to receive bids from. You must add each Header Tag Slot to each video adapter individually.
  5. Configure your ad server. We add video-specific key values to your Google Ad Manager account.
  6. Optionally, test the IX Library's performance in a staging environment.
  7. Launch the IX Library to your site.