Integrate with Index as a publisher using OpenRTB

You can integrate with Index Exchange (Index) through an OpenRTB server-to-server connection to connect to all of our demand partners and unlock additional demand. To learn more about the OpenRTB interaction and request sequence, refer to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.5.

Before you begin: Contact Index to begin the integration and share your technical documentation. An Index Representative performs a technical assessment of the integration and verifies if it meets the requirements.

After the assessment is complete and approved, Index works with you to set up an account.

Index creates test endpoints for you to send a small volume of test traffic and verifies that:

  • You are able to send bid requests to Index and receive bid responses from Index.
  • User-syncing is working (for environments that support cookies).
  • Requests are sent correctly for each inventory type (for example, web, mobile web, and app) and creative type (for example, banner and video).

To learn about the supported OpenRTB bid request and response fields, see List of supported OpenRTB bid request fields for sellers and List of OpenRTB bid response fields for sellers.

Index begins to move your integration to limited production testing and asks you to set the production endpoints live on an agreed set of inventory to check for discrepancies.

Index moves your integration to full production and runs a health check to make sure that discrepancies are minimal and that the production endpoints are working as expected.

Index recommends integrated partners to send metrics on a daily basis to help identify discrepancies rapidly. For example, you can send data with the bid date, bid requests to Index, bid responses from Index, impressions, and net revenue.

Note: Our exchange imposes a maximum size limit of 32KB on the POST body of all JSON requests. Requests with a POST body of larger than 32KB will be rejected.