Create a deal section

  1. Enter your email address and password to log in to the Index UI at If you don’t have login credentials, see Log in to the Index UI.

  2. If you have more than one account, select the account that you want to access.

  3. Go to Private MarketDeal Sections.
  4. Click Create New Deal Section.

  5. In the Name field, enter a name for the deal section. Consider using descriptive names that help to identify the targeting, for example:

    • For inventory targeting, use RON/ROS

      For format, specify desktop or mobile web

    • For ad sizes, specify the size (for example, 250x250)

      For geo targeting, specify the targeted countries and regions or leave blank to specify global targeting.

  6. Specify the site IDs to include:

    1. In the Options list, highlight the site IDs to include.
    2. Click the arrow to move the site IDs to the Selections column.
  7. In the Match Type drop-down list, select one of the following:
    • To allow only the impressions that directly correspond to the designated URL to be eligible for the private exchange, select Full (Exact URL match only).

    • To allow only the impressions whose URL contains a partial match to be eligible for the private exchange, select Partial (Partial URL match).


      • Do not include “www” in the partial match so you can capture different potential sub-domains. For example, a partial match for impressions with "" would mean both “” and “” are eligible for the private exchange.
      • You can use one or more asterisks as wildcards in partial searches. A wildcard matches one or more characters. For example, the input URL "*" matches,, and However, wildcards at the end of the path must be explicit. So, "*" matches and It will not match
      • You cannot use wildcards in the main domain. For example, "*" and "domain.c* " are invalid input URLs.
      • You can create a partial match to activate deals based on key values supplied through Prebid or the IX Library™. For more information, see Set up key values targeting in deals.

    • To allow the impressions for any site IDs that was selected to be eligible for the private exchange, select Site (All site IDs selected for this deal section).
  8. In the Coverage field, specify the percentage of times this deal section will be considered when a user visits a site. This is useful for pages that exist in multiple sections, or if you want a deal section to be consulted only some of the time.

  9. For the Frequency Selection option, choose one of the following:

    • To limit how many times an ad impression is triggered during a unique user's session, set the Frequency Restriction setting to ON and then specify the number of triggers. For example, select 1-2 if you only want the ad impression to trigger between 1 to 2 times during a unique user's session.
    • To not limit how often a deal is triggered, set this option to OFF. We recommend setting Frequency Restriction to OFF unless this is specifically negotiated as a component of a private exchange deal.
  10. For the Audience Selection option, choose one of the following:
    • To allow the deal section to be targeted to a specific audience segment that you have set up with a Data Management Platform (DMP), set this option to ON and then select the DMP to use. Index Exchange (Index) is currently integrated with the following DMPs: Salesforce, Lotame, Adobe, Merkle, LiveIntent, and LiveRamp.

      Note: To make sure that your segments are uploaded correctly, contact your Index Representative. This option is not available for all accounts.

    • If you do not want to target a specific audience segment, set this option to OFF.
  11. For the Ad Unit Selections option, choose one of the following:
    • To select specific ad unit sizes for a deal section, set this option to ON and then select the ad unit sizes to use.

      To use all ad unit sizes for a deal section, set this option to OFF.

  12. Click Create.

Select the Clone this deal section checkbox if you want to create the deal section and immediately start creating another new deal section that closely resembles the deal section that you have just created.

After you finish: Create a new deal using deal sections.