Deal Campaigns diagnostic

The Deal Campaigns diagnostic tests all campaigns that are bidding on the deal that you want to diagnose. Campaigns that cannot spend are listed at the top. Each column is sortable and the ^ symbol specifies which column is currently being sorted. You can search the entire table using the search box.

Column name Description


Specifies whether the test passed (Yes) or failed (No).

Campaign Name

Click the campaign name to review campaign attributes such as creation date, advertiser brand, industry, content groups, buyer seat ID, and the creative type.

Pending Quality Review

A Yes status specifies that the campaign is waiting to be reviewed by our quality control department. For more details, click Yes to see the date and time that the campaign was created.

Rejected For Quality

A Yes status specifies that the ad quality team has decided that the content of the campaign is unacceptable to run on Index Exchange (IX). To view the rejection reasons, click Yes.


A Yes status specifies that the campaign is not pending quality review or rejected, but has been paused.


A Yes status specifies that the campaign cannot spend because of a block that you have set up in the Campaign Setting page. To view the reason for the block, click Yes. For more information on blocks, see Blocking content from appearing on your site.


You can perform the following actions:

  • To manually override campaign settings that are blocking campaigns, click .
  • To preview the creatives bidding under a campaign, click .