Targeting audiences with Permutive or key values-based DMPs

Some data management providers (DMPs), such as Permutive, pass first-party data directly from the browser using key values, enabling segmentation and other signals to get passed directly from the browser. These DMPs typically pass values that represent pre-defined segments or categories, and does not require server-side integration or cookie synchronization.

How it works

To understand how deals targeting key values are activated, refer to the workflow below.

The publisher sets up key values targeting on their site and for a deal. For more information, see:

When a user visits a site and the page is loading, the DMP determines which audience segments apply to that user and passes them to Index Exchange (Index).

If you have set up key values for these segments, they are passed to Index in this example format: u_segments_permutive=20074,2748.

Index checks to see if you have set up a deal targeting these key values. If a deal is found, Index activates the deal and passes it to eligible DSPs.