Viewing data using the Domo reporting tool

Domo is a third-party tool that Index Exchange (IX) is using as an interim reporting solution for our publishers. Domo is a business intelligence and data visualization software platform that provides an easier way for you to view and access your data. Domo does not use new data. Instead, Domo eliminates workarounds like CSV downloads from emails and manual manipulation to give you a simpler way to view your existing data, which is uploaded to Domo every three hours.

Domo offers the following reporting benefits:

  • Speed: You can pull together reports and dashboards faster.
  • Visualizations: You can access your own data visualizations via your login.
  • Exportable content: You can download cards as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes visualizations, or as a table that shows raw data.

To learn more about the metrics available in Domo, see List of metrics available in Domo.