Enable Index as a demand partner in Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace

Publishers can access Index Exchange (Index)'s omnichannel demand by enabling Index in Amazon's Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM).

  1. Contact Index or email tam@indexexchange.com to begin the integration process. An Index Representative performs a technical assessment of the integration and verifies if it meets the requirements.

  2. After the assessment is complete and approved, Index completes the following for you:

    1. Index creates a new Index account for you and completes the configuration based on your requirements.

    2. Index creates an ads.txt and app-ads.txt entry for the web and app inventory that you want to sell and sends an email to you with the details. The email's Cc field includes a representative from Amazon.

    3. Index sends your inventory details to Amazon.

  3. You must add the ads.txt and app-ads.txt entry that you have received from Index as follows:
    • Add the ads.txt entry in the root of the website domain whose inventory you are selling. To learn more about the ads.txt file and format, see the IAB Tech Lab ads.txt specification.
    • Add the app-ads.txt entry in the root of the domain associated with the app whose inventory you are selling. To learn about the app-ads.txt file and format, see the IAB Tech Lab app-ads.txt specification.
  4. Amazon verifies with you if you are ready to go into production and enables the integration.

  5. Index will validate that your Index account is transacting and that the integration has been completed.