Client Audit Logs (CAL) API

The Client Audit Logs (CAL) service is a programmatic-based method of accessing non-aggregated data for all events on the Index Exchange platform. This data provides publishers, buyers, and data providers the ability to build more personalized insights, run sophisticated data science projects, or use customized and consolidated reporting products.

CAL frequency

CAL files are available within 36 hours of the event and retained for 14 days, after which they are automatically purged. The CAL data is stored on Index servers and can be retrieved using our CAL API.

Batch versus streaming data

Client Audit Logs use streaming data, which is non-aggregated. Unlike batch data, streaming data requires additional cost and complexity to understand the logs, but allows for faster turnaround time and the ability for you to build your own custom reporting features on top of the Index platform. So, if you're looking to customize your own reporting (and have the technical prowess required to work with them), CAL is the way to go.

CAL log types

CAL files include non-aggregated data about your impression events and bid events. You can subscribe to just one event type or to both. If you subscribe to both, you can expect to see two logs per event, per hour— or, 48 logs per day. If you subscribe to one, you'll see 24. Let your Index Representative know which event type(s) you'd like to subscribe to.

Note: In some cases, partners may request for the obfuscation of certain data fields within the Client Audit Logs (CAL)s. These fields will be shown as shown as -1 or XXXX.

Impression events

An impression event is logged when an auction is won in the ad server and a creative is served on a page.

Bid events

A bid event is logged when a DSP submits a bid response to Index.