Matching users using a Universal ID provider

At Index Exchange, a Universal ID provider refers to a company that provides an identity graph or common identifier solution. Buyers who have access to the supported Universal ID provider below can better identify users on publisher sites that have enabled these Universal ID providers .

Identity graph solutions

An identity graph is an online database that collects and contains identifiers for a user, such as email addresses, cell phone numbers, device IDs, usernames, other IDs, and cookies picked up in browsers. The identity graph connects these identifiers to a user's profile and any related data points, such as behavioral data like browsing activity or purchase history. An identity graph makes it easier for buyers to serve the right ads to the right audience and helps publishers learn more about their most valued users.

At Index, we currently have access to the following identity graphs:

Common identifier solution

Instead of using cookie-syncing technologies to map multiple cookies from various platforms to identify a user, DSPs, SSPs, publishers, and buyers can use a single, shared identifier called a common identifier.

At Index, we currently support Unified ID as a common identifier solution.