Troubleshoot issues with a creative

You may encounter creatives that do not serve the needs of your site. Examples of this include ads that are taking too long to load or ads that don't align with your brand. The following steps explain how to block a problematic creative or brand from displaying on your site. If you have more than one publishing platform instance with Index Exchange (Index), you need to repeat the process to block campaigns across every Index integration that you have for the inventory.

To troubleshoot issues with a creative, complete the following steps:

Retrieve the ad call for the creative
Confirm that the ad was served by Index

Block the creative or brand that is causing an issue

If you have followed the steps above and you are still experiencing issues, report the problem to your Index Representative. Your Index Representative will notify the Exchange Quality team who will assess the creative's general suitability to serve on Index and then determine the appropriate approach for investigating and resolving the issue. We appreciate all feedback for creatives on our exchange as it helps us to continuously improve our quality control measures.