Reports in the Index UI

You can use the Index UI to access aggregated reporting on all activity from Index Exchange (Index). You can access a variety of reporting fields by using the Index UI to create reports tailored to your specific needs. With the Index UI, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create custom reports to evaluate performance across 50+ dimensions and measures in our Available fields.

  • Schedule automated delivery of reports to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly through email to multiple recipients.

  • Manage reports directly within the Index UI, where you can view saved reports, sort your reports, edit your reports, run ad hoc reports, or delete reports.

Use cases

As a publisher, here are some examples of why you'd use the Index UI to build reports:

  • Easily create reports: You want to create, schedule, and manage custom reports in a UI that is easy to use, rather than using the Reporting API.

  • Share and schedule: You want to quickly share or schedule the delivery of a report to several email recipients, or feed data directly into your preferred data tool.

  • Gain insight on performance: You want granular feedback on a variety of measures, such as deal-based ad spend, total impressions, total revenue, bid timeouts, and blocked bids.

  • Manage reports: You have a large number of custom reports and you need to sort your reports by certain filters such as name, fileID, date.

  • Preview reports: You want to preview how a report will look before scheduling it.

Accessing and sharing reports

Your can access and share your reports in one of the following ways:

  • Email: All reports you create are automatically emailed to you based on the delivery schedule that you selected.

  • Direct download: You can download any reports that you have created in the Index UI directly through the Index UI or through the Reporting API .

Additional reporting options in the Index UI

In addition to the Reports screen, you can use the Index UI to access several older reporting screens that provide data visualizations and basic inventory and bidding data for Index publishers. For more information about the additional reporting options in the Index UI, see Additional reports.

Building reports in the Index UI

For more information about building reports in the Index UI, see Create a report.